Hi, Hello, Hej, Hoi, Hai

Welcome to my blog, my space, my tiny bit of the world on the interwebs.

Hi, I am Sarah and I have decided to get over my fears, out of my own way and off my ass and start this blog ‘itssarahO’.

I had a blog many moons ago and in the mix of comparison and not much vision, I felt lost trying to keep up and not seeing the blog or myself grow in the way that I desired. Through the years I have seen the whole blogging scene evolve and it is now a very different place than it was like 7-10 years ago.

Four reasons I decided to go for it

  1. I love God

  2. I love to travel

  3. I love setting goals and challenging myself

  4. If not now then when?!!

This year I turned 30 and what a wild ride my 20’s were. My late 20’s consisted of me travelling, living abroad, signing up to do my masters, going to counselling, becoming features editor for an online magazine and getting my self on a healthier path all round. Honestly most days it felt like anxiety and comparison were trying to fully kill me if not for God. My career path has never been conventional, I am not where I want to be but I am learning to not just love the process but also the journey.

So why am I starting this blog? Well, its simple I want to document this chapter. At the beginning of this year instead of goals, I ask God for a word to help me focus my intentions. My words for this year are (I was given two) wholehearted and authentic which to be honest fall in the same category.

There is something about those words that resonated so much with my spirit. We have no time to be faking it and thinking we are making it. I have learnt that this mentality leads to building things that don’t last or can’t be maintained because it isn’t real. It isn’t genuine. I want to be able to look back and say I remember the moment and the day that I decided to stop over-thinking and just went for it.

Every so often on twitter, I retweet this daily reminder on my timeline and it says:

‘Women I beg you to use your voice, more importantly, WOC we need to hear your voices, stories and experiences’

I think it is time to take my own advice. I see travel blogs, Instagrams and content creators that look nothing like me all the time. I have nothing against them but the world is a diverse space and we need more diverse stories and visuals. I have worked in the creative sector, the third sector and now the corporate sector and as a black woman from the workplace to travelling we navigate spaces differently. Also in light of Brexit and that man in the White House we have no time to be silent.

I have been told that 30 marks your third lap around the sun and the stars align to where they were on the day of your birth. It’s a coming back to you, a homecoming or a rebirth. Thirty biblically is a time of real transition. Jesus was 30 when He walked in His full God-given calling. He performed his first miracle He entered a new place of power.

So I’m embracing my discomfort and being real with you. It may not always be a perfect journey but I promise to be honest. Social media can feel fake at times let’s aim to be our truest self both online and offline. I also hope to inspire you to embrace your discomfort by stepping out of your comfort zone with me. My aim is to get out of my own way and run hard in the direction of God- given purpose and desire. Being this open is very scary but I’m done being scared. Aren’t you? No one is perfect, we are all a beautiful mess in one way or the other so repeat after me:

I give up being perfect for being authentic

Breathe and repeat that line slowly. It’s a good one.

Let’s go,



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