There is something about the physical season changing that causes all other kinds of shifts.  I am not too sure what it is but the clock going back and that sudden chill in the air feels like change in a very real way.

I felt it. That shift. It was mid-October and it triggered something in me. The last few months are creeping up and I suddenly felt a little anxious. Where was time going and how can I get a handle on it? My timetable has just ramped up and I found myself either double booking myself or missing things altogether. I was OVER it. Honestly, life was coming at me fast. I had a deep desire to wrap up somethings, start something’s and get consistent.  Around the same time everything that I was hearing was resonating with the shift message.

I had to ask myself what was pressing and needed to be completed before the year was done? I started to make a list. What could I start and finish before the year was done? Are there any short-term goals that I could tick off that will help encourage me to keep going? Where was I lacking consistency? The list was growing but was helpful, I could see where things overlapped or had similar themes. I jumped on Amazon (any excuse to buy new stationary, I may have a problem) and bought a bullet journal which is just a journal that has dots inside instead of lines (see the image of mine below) and I love it. A few months ago I pinned a habit tracker on pintrest and got some ideas and drew my habit tracker; it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. So draw up your tracker and 21 days to mark it off.

For the last three weeks I have embraced the process. I took myself off to the gym, woke up at 5;30am, set aside intentional time to pray, meditate and journal.  The honest truth is that consistency is the key to growth. Doing things once in a while doesn’t produce the results that anyone wants or desire. It takes the doing it whatever it is over and over. Going to the gym over and over, meditating over and over and getting into the pattern and building that habit.

On the front end, the benefits are instant if I am honest. I can see the overall quality level of my day has gone up and that has changed the flow of my week. What has become obvious is that I personally need a certain amount of routine in order to operate at my maximum level of productivity.

Get colourful with it and use dots, lines and different ways to fill it out. Ticking off the habit tracker list gives me a buzz. If you are a list maker you totally understand. See mine below.

Here are some ideas of things that you can help you build your habit tracker:

  1. Pray  / Meditation

  2. Gym / Home workout

  3. In Bed by…

  4. Awake by…

  5. Take vitamins

  6. Meal plan

  7. Digital detox

  8. Call or text family/friends

  9. Clothes ready for tomorrow

  10. Study time

  11. Daily affirmation/ confessions

  12. Invest X amount time into talent or gift

  13. Schedule social media

  14. Read a chapter of a book/Bible

  15. Empty inbox

  16. Apply for internships, jobs , grants or business funding etc (links with point 12)

  17. Pay someone a compliment

  18. Review budget /save

  19. Journal

  20. No T.V

  21. Mid-week clean up or laundry

  22. Drink more water

  23. Declutter

  24. Exfoliate/ face mask/wash hair

  25. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

Here are some other examples of different bullet journal layouts. You can really have fun with them.

Who says you need to wait to 2018 to start a new habit. Let’s start now.


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