Last week Wednesday I had a mini meltdown. The day started off rough, and I should have known that I need to go back to bed and start again lol. The weather has been up and down and I didn’t have a clue to wear. I changed my outerwear three times.  I missed the bus that I needed to get on so I  would not be late for work. Finally,  I leave the house and at the bus stop, I suddenly think do I have my gym membership card with me? No, I didn’t. I dash back upstairs to get my gym membership card. Ok take two of trying to leave the house and I can’t find my travel card which in my digging to check if I had my gym card I dashed in there and couldn’t see it. I missed the next bus. At this point, I am officially late and this morning is becoming unnecessarily stressful.  Not to be defeated I push on, grab my gym stuff and booked a class for after work and set off. Finally!

I was late. Ugh! and from the moment I stepped in it was non-stop. It has been above and beyond lately. You know those off the charts-everyone-is-stressed-out kinda few weeks. Deadlines are looming, contracts are going live in different parts of the world, client demands are high and team members are leaving. It is all kicking off. I felt tired and drained. I left late only to miss the class that I booked. Still deciding to not feel beat up by this day I stayed and tried to get in the next class but guess what?! it was fully booked. At that point, I was ready to scream. I didn’t workout instead I went home.

Some days are just sh***y! and you need a reset!

When life is on 100, you need a reset because it is so easy to forget the good practices that keep you on 100 so you can face the day and conquer the day. My mind has been racing and trying to stay on top of things in a way that wasn’t helping me but adding to the chaos. Little things like being prepared for the next day the night before*insert Dj Khaled voice*is a major key. I am always better and more ready when I take that extra time to plan an outfit and make sure my bag is packed. It just saves a bunch of time in the morning.

My resets also consist of just quietening down and listening to my spirit. I don’t enjoy feeling frazzled, it sets the wrong tone for the day and it can be hard to pull a bad day back on track unless you have a mini prayer session in the toilet at work and pull yourself together. C’mon we have all done that right?!

Listening to your spirit is so important. When quiet enough the Holy Spirit can guide us and recenter us. Navigating life especially as an adult is some days just too much. We get tired, demotivated, pushed and pulled constantly.Having that time actually making time to get quiet and asking our spirit to guide us usually leads to better results like being more in tune and focused.

Set your intentions this week. Set yourself up to have the best week ever. Your week may be looking hectic take a minute to breathe, stop, listen to your spirit and reset!



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